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Schedule a Meeting


Engage with clients, colleagues, and prospects through scheduled appointments. Choose from the meeting types most appropriate for your appointment. Your contact will receive a text or email reminder, depending on the information available. 


No extra third party software needed. Just schedule the meeting, and Segwik will contact them on your behalf. 


Scheduling a meeting has never been easier.


How to Schedule a Meeting:

  • Click on the Contact Type or search for the contact you want to invite

  • Click on the Calendar Icon

  • An “Invite to Meeting” pop-up will appear

  • Click on the drop-down menu icon

  • Your meeting types will appear

  • Choose the meeting type you need/want

  • A pop-up meeting box will appear

    • Ensure the correct meeting type has been selected

    • Ensure the date and time of the meeting are correct

    • Invite additional contacts as needed

    • Add any notes if needed

    • Click the orange Schedule Meeting button when ready


Scheduling a Meeting Step 1

Scheduling a Meeting Step 2

Scheduling a Meeting Step 3

Scheduling a Meeting Step 4

Scheduling a Meeting Step 5

Scheduling a Meeting Step 6










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