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To: Hardworking home-service business owners who want Their business to KEEP GROWING while Being FREE TO ENJOY YOUR LIFE.

The biggest difference between people who OWN A BUSINESS versus people who are OWNED BY THEIR BUSINESS has almost nothing to do with how good your products or services are. While of course, quality is important, it’s not what makes a company grow. It’s automation and systems that make a company grow - the ability to sell those products and services 24/7/365 without your direct involvement that makes your company grow.

Businesses employing automation are more profitable and have happier clients and staff.

In fact, the better your systems can run themselves, the more valuable your company is - and the LESS TIME you need to spend managing your business day-to-day. Without systems to organize and amplify specific processes, equal to or better than your competition, you’ll likely get crushed.
A Customer Journey System is a system that automatically walks your prospective customers through a series of steps defined by you, improving the customer, staff, and management experience alike, making customers realize YOU are the ONLY option for them to do business with-no point even talking to the other guys.
We believe to our core that, to be successful, your customer journey system is THE MOST important system to implement ahead of all others.

But, there’s a BIG problem.

Building an end-to-end customer journey management system for the entire business is not easy.


IN FACT, it’s incredibly Difficult!

Every time you or an employee slip-up or cut corners in your processes, that's a lost sale for you.

    • Customers failing to go through the sale funnel you built
    • Sales person didn't bother to follow up with a lead
    • A meeting was forgotten about
    • You promised the customer a deadline you can't deliver on
    • You took too long to deliver a proposal
    • You never bothered to follow up on your quotes

Balls dropped here, and balls dropped there. You're not growing like you should, so... who's really in control here?

It's Like your business has "leaky bucket syndrome"

noun: Leaky Bucket Syndrome (líki bə́kÉ™t sɪ́ndroÌ€m), or "LBS" for short, is a condition suffered by most growing small businesses at any point in their development that causes the sufferer to hemorage thousands if not millions of dollars due to bad or loosely-defined business processes and/or the adherence thereto. 

Until now you’ve only tried to cure your LBS through a, now all-to-familiar, set of half-hearted attempts, patching a hole in your bucket now, only to see another hole pop open... and then another and another
Take a moment right now to picture all the places your business is leaking profits.
Did you do it?
Every leak in your business is costing you time and money, is causing you frustration, it’s preventing you from scaling your business and it's STEALING YOUR FREEDOM!


Stress and Frustration sets in... Is this what "being in business" really is?


You saw dreams of freedom and skyrocketing profits in your future. You didn’t get into business to worry about all these tangential things, and until now, you’ve really only had a few options for improving the operations and growing your business...


You've tried all sorts of things, including:


    • Myopically focusing on marketing and advertising to get more leads into your funnel
    • Hiring expensive marketing people, web and IT guys, and even Sales People to help close more deals, that only always disappointed
    • Sticky notes and spreadsheets and whiteboards, all to no avail
    • You've even tried a TON of other software solutions that promised to help grow your business, in some vague and undefined way.

Your Solutions Keep Missing The Target.

First, myopically focusing on leads, leads, leads, only compounds your operational problems leading to customers not getting called back, client meetings being missed, project backlogs, and unhappy customers.
So, when you realize you have no way to handle all the new leads you paid good money for, you go back to your comfortable sticky notes and spreadsheet system, begging your staff to “Log your work into the CRM!”. 
When this all inevitably fails and you’ve finally hit the wall, you hire an expensive business coach who motivates you, telling you all the things you need to hear only to never lift their own finger to help do the work YOU BOTH now know needs doing.

What do other business owners, the "successful" ones, know that you don't?

So where does that leave you?

It leaves you wasting time and money on solutions to problems you didn’t have and, still with problems whose solutions were tried and failed…wishing how it could somehow be better.

And if you thought you might learn all of the technical, marketing, and operations stuff necessary to straighten out this mess you now have, you quickly realize…”I have no time for that, I have a business to run!”...maybe Jim in IT can fix it…

If Jim couldn’t fix your printer, how’s he going to fix institutional problems throughout your business?

If this all sounds like you Need To think differently, you're finally on the right path!

Who are we, and how do we know all this?

We’re Segwik, and we’re small business owners too, since 2011 in fact, and we've experienced everything that we just mentioned above. Now we help thousands of small business owners just like you. That’s why we know what a pain the whole small business thing is for home services companies.
You want to grow and scale, but it’s irritatingly elusive. Our options are limited and come with plenty of drawbacks. To get around all of that pain of growing a business, we spent years working with consultants, studying books, visiting expensive seminars and making all the mistakes you could make.
And it wasn’t enough to just learn theory about operations, marketing, systems and technology. You needed to practice it. And practice and practice until it became like second nature. Real world experience is what teaches you right?
It meant experimenting and trying different things. Some things worked and some things didn’t. And imagine having to perfect automation and systems across your entire business. Yeah, it’s tough. After all, life doesn’t exactly stop and wait while you learn how to build your business the right way.

So you see, a lot has to go into getting business built right...

But it’s not all so grim.

After investing tons of time, our years of practice and study paid off. Not only were we scaling our business, but we were scaling and improving our client’s businesses by up to 90%.
And this is why i’m so excited to tell you about a path towards freedom that’s easier, faster and cheaper than hiring professionals or trying it yourself.

Introducing Segwik

So, with Segwik, you’ll get ALL the tools you need to automate your business, specifically developed for home-services, contractors, realtors, movers and other Business to Consumer businesses - All without the time, risk or expense! And with that, you’ll begin to ease your frustration as you watch your profits rise, and as you see the business you wanted take shape…
Freedom is right around the corner with an amazing collection of critical business features.

Segwik crushes the competition! The results could not be clearer!


Imagine what it would be like to:


    • Spend just minutes making quotes and proposals compared to hours
    • Your customers getting their calls and emails returned in a timely predictable manner
    • Projects being handled without your direct input
    • Follow ups being handled automatically
    • Seeing all matters about your business from one easy-to-use place on the Internet
    • Having access to all of your business from anywhere in the world


Your technology and automation problems will be behind you!

Build your entire business on one technology solution - Everything you need in one place

    • Manage all your customer affairs from one page and one login
    • Mass communicate with email and text blasts
    • Book all your meetings with feature-rich public booker and calendar features
    • Make all your proposals, and automatically follow-up
    • Track every phone call, text message and email
    • Charge your customers with credit cards or ACH
    • Follow up with customers automatically
    • Manage projects with ease
    • Build long term, deep relationships with your customers
    • Integrate into any other system you need

Segwik can be used by ANY small business.

No matter your company size

No matter your speciality

...and no matter what your comfort level with technology, marketing, or business operations, Segwik can improve your business.

No matter How Deep of a solution you need, segwik can help.

AND BEST YEST... Segwik is incredibly easy to use!

Step 1: Just start an account and answer a few simple questions. You'll love how Segwik guides a deepdive of your business, helping you to think of things you might not have ever thought of before.

    • What's your business all about?
    • What's your core purpose and mission?
    • Why should your prospects and customers come to you instead of the competition?

It's answers to questions like these that build high-value journeys for your customers.

Step 2: Tell Segwik about all the different pieces of technology you're currently running. 

Eliminate "Tech Bloat" and simplify your life by replatforming to Segwik your:

    • Websites and landing pages managed in Shopify, Wordpress, WixUnbounce and others
    • Bookers and Calendars managed in Calendly, YouCanBookMe and more
    • Custom Forms from Google Forms, JotForm, or other form builders
    • Phone systems managed in Ring Central, Vonage, or other local providers. Time to replace that old "land-line" with VOIP
    • Email Marketing systems via Constant Contact and Mail Chimp
    • CRMs via Hubspot, Zoho, Saleforce, or Keap

You'll feel AMAZING eliminating all of your unecessary tech! Having all your tech in one spot will mean you'll scale faster and easier, while attaining a higher degree of automation than you ever thought possible. Freedom is getting closer! Not to mention more money is staying in your pocket AND there's LESS PASSWORDS TO LOSE AND RESET CONSTANTLY!

Step 3: It's time to get CREATIVE. Segwik is about to BLOW YOUR MIND as you've given it all it needs to recommend hand-selected journeys chosen specifically for your business you will now customize in record time.

This will have multiple benefits:

    • You'll learn quickly what business automation is and how a step-by-step customer journey is built
    • With this new knowledge your head will be teeming with ideas on what to automate next!
    • You'll customize high-value touchpoints for your customers - powerful emails and text messages written in the voice of your business
    • For the bigger projects, you'll reserve a Segwik concierge team member for help.

WHAT A RELIEF it will be to get these things out of your head, and into a system that will help you keep the guardrails on the process you've been thinking about for years.

Step 4: Upload your data to Segwik. It's time to show you what it means to have your entire business run from one place.

Upload all of your:

    • Customer contact information and prospects
    • Email marketing lists
    • Contacts from your mobile devices
    • Orders, purchases and invoices
    • Contact form submissions

Don't be intimidated, Segwik will hold your hand at every step! Segwik is a LEADER in Data Management and Migration, with more tools than any other similar platform for importing, processing and deduping critical business data to help ensure your move into your new business home is as frictionless as possible.

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