Why Segwik

Segwik has been shown in client case studies to provide up to a 95% increase in employee efficiency. With its unique emphasis on bottom-of-funnel to deal close, onboarding and client management, no service business should go without Segwik.

Eliminate bottlenecks in business, improve customer experience, make your staff for efficient, and grow predictably.

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Aggregate leads & Customer

Effortlessly Aggregate Leads and Customer Data for Enhanced Decision-Making and Strategic Insights.

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Up-Armor your arsenal

Fortify Your Business Arsenal with Advanced Tools and Solutions to Stay Ahead in a Competitive Landscape.

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move customers efficiently

Seamlessly Navigate the Customer Journey, Boosting Efficiency and Satisfaction Along the Way.

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run things your way

Tailor Workflows to Your Unique Requirements and Preferences, Putting You in Full Control.

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meet your goals

Easily Achieve Your Goals and Milestones with Precision and Confidence.

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Eliminate chaos

Bring Order and Clarity to Your Operations, Leaving Chaos Behind for Good.

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Segwik integrates seamlessly into any company of any size

Whether you're company is just outgrowing its infancy, or your headcount is through the roof, Segwik acts as a standalone, fully customer journey platform, or as a “front end/customer-facing” user experience add-on to your current technology stack.

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Why Segwik conquers its competitors?

What happened to Software simplifying your business, not complicating it? Segwik solves that challenge best.

Hubspot logo

“I had been using Hubspot for a while, and while it's a solid platform, I needed something more versatile for my business. Segwik's open API for complex workflows was a game-changer. It allowed me to customize and automate processes like never before. Plus, Segwik's 'back-end to front-end' architecture made everything feel seamless. And let's not forget the competitive pricing – it's a win-win!.”

ActiveCampaign logo

“I used Active Campaign but felt like I needed a dozen other integrations to get everything done. Segwik's all-in-one approach was a game-changer. It consolidated everything I needed into a single platform, streamlining my operations.”

Mailchimp logo

“Mailchimp just wasn't cutting it for me. I needed more than email newsletters to run my business efficiently. Segwik offered the comprehensive toolkit I was searching for. From marketing to customer management, it had it all. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to seamless operations.”

Ontraport logo

“While Ontraport excelled as a marketing engine, it fell short when it came to managing my business processes. Segwik seamlessly integrated marketing and operations, making it a far better fit for my business.”

Calendly logo

“Calendly was great for simple bookings, but my business outgrew it quickly. Segwik provided the scalability and complexity I needed to match my company's growth. It's not just a booking tool; it's a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of my business.”

Constant Contact logo

“Constant Contact worked to send emails but it was just ANOTHER system I had to remember to sign in to use. Segwik gives me everything I need in one place. I don't like Segwik, I LOVE Segwik."

Thryv logo

“Thryv made a lot of promises but couldn't deliver for my complex use cases. Segwik, on the other hand, delivered on every front. It's a reliable, all-in-one solution that supports diverse business needs."

PipeDrive logo

“Pipedrive felt like a glorified kanban board, and I needed more than that to run my business efficiently. Segwik offered a comprehensive set of tools, allowing me to manage all aspects of my business operations seamlessly."

Salesforce logo

“Salesforce was a bit overwhelming, not to mention the costs and commitments. I craved simplicity without sacrificing functionality. Segwik's user-friendly interface, competitive pricing, and fantastic support won me over. It's the intuitive solution I was looking for."

The right amount of support to ensure your long term success

All Segwik clients have access to the following:

  • A dedicated Client Success Manager
  • 24/7 Phone and Chat Support
  • Strategic onboarding with an industry expert
  • Ongoing consulting and support
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