About Segwik


Meet Segwik. The New CRM Designed to Empower the Small Business Community 

It’s no secret, small businesses need a unique set of skills and tools in order to compete, survive, and thrive in today’s economy; Segwik’s software is carefully crafted and balanced to ensure infrastructure and technology never hold anyone back and everyone has a chance to succeed. 

Ten years ago, Pete Romano, architect of Segwik, had a simple idea: that every business he interacted with deserved an edge to compete against the competition. Having begun as a marketing consulting company for businesses of all different industries, Pete began to guide clients through their own prospective marketing journeys, and realized there was no existing CRM software that brought together the tools he saw small businesses needed, and make them available through one easy login. Clients were limited by technology, inefficiency, lack of required technical skills and time.  The average business today operates with no less than 12 different pieces of software.  No small business owner should ever be expected to find scalability for their business while having to integrate and sync all these platforms.  This approach adds unnecessary overhead, makes life impossible for staff members who have to be trained on this software and that software, and adds a ton of overhead to everybody's day, having to move data around from their calendar booker to their email marketing system, to their credit card processing system, to the project management system and who knows what else?

The seeds for Segwik continued to grow through organic and consistent collaborations with businesses of all industries. Romano diligently recorded what worked and what didn't - crafting a software designed for a single purpose, to empower the small business community by making concerns about technology and organization a thing of the past.

All small businesses deserve an edge. Segwik gives them that edge by bringing all the tools they need into one place, while providing all the support necessary to learn and master these tools.

Segwik believes in giving you the means to empower your vision. Segwik is easy to adopt, easy to implement, and easy to grow upon. Run your entire business with clarity of mind and the knowledge that your brand is running at its highest possible level. Turn leads, calendars, automated emails, and customer journeys into your vision and bring your business to the next level with Segwik.