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Segwik® is a suite of technologies bringing together critical business functionalities like CRM, Automated Workflows, and much more to one login.

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A Full Business Management System – In One Login

Segwik® is a suite of technologies that brings together multiple critical business functionalities like CRM, Automated Workflows, billing, quoting and invoicing, cloud-based telephony, customer and staff mobile apps, and much more to one dashboard. At Segwik, we call these technologies "Virtual Business Infrastructure".  We believe the more consolidated your VBI is, the more efficient and streamlined you will be.

Segwik® stands alone in its ability to fit organically and ergonomically into the way you do business. Segwik® aims to solve business technology problems, and make your business more efficient and more profitable than your competitors.  With fully customizable modules that fit organically into any business setting, Segwik® dramatically increases efficincies and improves operations.

With Segwik® you bring your critical communications and business functionalities together to one place, accessing them quickly and easily, when you need them, saving time, money, and frustration, allowing you to grow faster, with fewer tecnological roadblocks.

Systems Segwik® brings together:

customer journey
Marketing & Advertising

Segwik® is your one-stop, go-to place to manage your marketing & advertising. Segwik® comes out of the box with the capability of managing even the most complex and detailed campaigns. With built-in Email and SMS Blast functionalities, phone center, with auto-dial capabilities, traditional and digital creative collateral management, and advanced reporting, you'll wonder how you managed your marketing before Segwik®.

sms email
Sales & Onboarding

Segwik® was built by marketers for companies that are serious about Sales. Having been in the trenches with small business owners of every size and industry, we've learned a thing or two about what small businesses and individuals need from their Sales and Onboarding systems.  Segwik® gives sales teams and individuals the tools they need to reach out to their leads, clients, and contacts, and make the most out of each relationship. No other CRM or communications system on the planet can perform the repetitive client contact and drip campaigns that Segwik® performs with ease. And with intuitive Product and Service Forms and Phases, Segwik® gives its users a seemless path from Marketing, to Sales, to Project Management, ensuring client onboarding is as painless as possible.

crm quoting
Project, Case, Patient Management

Well-structured businesses are built on repeatable tasks where the business owners and management figure out ahead of time the exact right steps that should be executed when a Product or Service is sold. This becomes challenging wihen Onboarding, Marketing, Sales, and Project Management are in different systems. Segwik® exists to make a seamless flow from Marketing, to Sales to Onboarding to Project Management. One of our earliest goals was to ensure our clients could launch a Project, a Case, or work with a Patient without the need for time-consuming movement of all sorts of new client data. With the Segwik® system, you set up all of your Project, Case and Patient phases, attached to the Products and Services you sell. When these Products or Services are sold, within a single click, all of the Tasks necessary to execute this Project, Case, or Patient are initialized, ready to be assigned.

Billing, Invoicing, & Payment Processing

Segwik® is unique in its way of tying the entire customer journey, including internal document management, like quotes, estimates invoices, payment receipts, to the rest of the client journey. Effortlessly convery your leads into business Opportunities. When a client is ready to sign up, easily generate professional-looking quotes, estimates and proposals.  Obtain signed paperwork with a Docusign integration and convert the quote or proposal into a project.  Issue your invoices and collect payments according to pre-determined payment agreements.

Email, SMS, Telephony, & Chatbot

Segwik® is not only a full communications system providing Email, SMS, and Phone system capabilities, but comes out of the box capable of carrying out realistic automatic conversations with lifelike ChatBot conversations. Segwik® ChatBots can be inserted "In-line" to handle automatic Phone, SMS, Website, and Social conversations.

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