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Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

This engagement is a specially-designed service for small business owners who are looking to scale and streamline their businesses via the implementation of properly setup and managed CRM and other IT technologies implemented throughout their customer and operations ecosystems. This service is meant for businesses who recognize that their business’ growth is stifled from a lack of automation, documented best practices, and scalable technology.

Segwik’s goal for the clients of this service is to transform their business from a business that lacks automation and is not as streamlined as the client wishes it to be, into a business that is scalable, and poised for growth and expansion. Our approach is a “work smarter not harder” approach to owning a business not owning a job. We believe that a business can be built or rebuilt from the CRM outward.

This engagement is a step-by-step walk through proven CRM Strategies and Tactics, guided by an expert CRM development and marketing team, where every step of the business is evaluated and developed into CRM touchpoints for managers, staff, vendors and clients, making your business more unique, more organized, and more profitable.

Allows Purchaser 50% off "Agency Pricing" for Users and Add-ons, 20% off Telecommunications usage.

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