Lead Blizzard

For those looking to maximize their sales, streamline their marketing, and setup more meetings.


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

Not all businesses are built the same and for some, CRM means getting more meetings, more sales, more fans, more closed deals, more, more, more. For those of us who believe more is never enough, introducing "Blizzard".  Blizzard is a specifically developed service meant to maximize your presence and leverage your database.

Maintaining your leads and customers in spreadsheets is simply no longer acceptable, and is akin to managing your relationships via paper rolodex. Consider the following:

With Lead Blizzard we learn to maximize customer relationships, and maximize lead marketing efficiency.  With Lead Blizzard you receive a dedicated Marketing Strategist and CRM Support expert who will help you ideate through the best strategies and tactics necessary to create an endless stream of inbound leads, as well as a the maximum upsells to current customers and clients.

Lead Blizzard Includes:

  • Dedicated Marketing Strategist
  • Segwik Marketing Subscription
  • Internet Retargeting
  • Segwik E
  • Segwik SMS
  • Segwik Pay
  • Segwik Events

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