Strategic Partnership Opportunities with Segwik

Strategic Partnerships

Grow with Segwik through a variety of Strategic Partnerships

Segwik® Customer Engagement

Work smarter, not harder with the worlds most adaptable CRM and Customer Engagement platform


Segwik's Reseller Partner Program is for any person or company in the Marketing, Sales, Consulting, Coaching, or Training spaces who wish to see their clients make advancements at an accelerated pace through the gift of CRM development, while earning a commission on any Products or Services purchased from Segwik.


Segwik's Partner Program is for developers or companies that want to build solutions integrated into the robust Segwik platform.



Segwik's Incubator Partner Program is for accelerators, incubators, and early-stage VCs who want to see their clients flourish, with discounts and commissions available.