Public Relations

Public Relations

For political campaigns and other public interest causes.

Get an edge with superior tech - email blasts, contributions, texting and website management from one place.


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

Segwik® is the only product on the market that gives polical organizations the power to reach voters via web, social media, phone, text, email, and at their door, all from one dashboard. Power your websites and landing pages, and accept donations. Correlate this data to your marketing efforts so you know exactly where you need to focus your efforts. Segwik® offers campaigns unparalleled voter list segregation, so that you deliver the exact right message to the exact right voter.

Segwik® understands the challenges facing modern political campaigns. Campaigns are far more strategic, granular, and data-driven than ever before. Gone are the days when a "shotgun" approach to political campaigning will yield the best results. Candidates have a wealth of voter data at their fingertips, and they have tools to maximize this valuable intelligence. Candidates need to reach voters on a variety of mediums including TV, Radio, Social Media, Website, Email, Text and more. Managing all of this outreach can be a insurmountable challenge. With different softwares used for each medium, deriving actionable intelligence from the results of your outreach is nearly impossible.  

Segwik® centralizes this outreach into one piece of software, making your messaging more effective then ever. Segwik® gives you, the candidate, the ability to canvass, call, email, text, letter-write and donate all from one terminal, making the gathering of valuable intelligence easy, leading to more strategic decision making.

Challenges for political campaigns Segwik® solves:

  • Running better and more organized voter outreach
  • Outreach from one piece of software, not several
  • Giving a powerful website that derives valuable intelligence about visitors
  • Spinning up call centers quickly
  • Phone banking from centralized and controlled VOIP systems
  • Top-quality list segregation
  • Manage your ground and air game from one place
  • Understanding what messaging is actually reaching people

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