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For accountants, financial advisors and tax preparers.

Segwik® organizes your workflows and sends clients automatic alerts, saving you time to focus on growing your practice.


Be 10x more productive than your competition, working smarter not harder.

How much time do you waste directing your staff about current projects and chasing clients for important documents? Imagine running your practice where staff and clients are always taking care of the things they need to without your constant intervention. Segwik® provides a workflow and alert system that keeps your practice moving, so you can focus on delivering results. Our unique customer portal gives your clients a secure place to upload documents and interact with your practice as necessary.

Segwik® understands the challenges facing today's modern Tax and Accounting professional. Accounting and tax preparation has become more competitive than ever, and new technologies, digital marketing, and social media are giving service providers the power to reach more people more quickly and easily. To compete, Tax and Accounting professionals need to work smarter, not harder. Throwing more money at advertising channels is not the solution. Honing and organizing your contacts and your workflow into a perfectly streamlined machine is the solution. This is why Segwik was built to manage your entire client life cycle, from marketing and lead generation, to client scheduling and management, to billing and invoicing, and to post-sales followup. While there's no shortage of software built and tailored just for hard-working tax and accounting professionals, Segwik® stands alone in its ability to fit organically and ergonomically into the way you like to do business. Segwik® aims to solve business technology problems, and make your practice more efficient and more profitable than your competition. 

Challenges for tax and accounting professionals Segwik® solves:

  • Running better and more organized marketing campaigns
  • Marketing from one piece of software, not several
  • Marketing yourself on the web with a better website, and easy individual websites for your various properties
  • Managing your contacts in a more organized way
  • More organized sales and followup
  • Automating of client reminders and appointments
  • Giving clients a customer portal to view the various homes they've toured, and track likes and dislikes
  • Documenting your leases and sending landlords and tenants automated notifications via email and text when leases are due to expire
  • Sending of gentle follow up touches post transaction

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