Team Member Access Control


Access Control is one of your most important tools while working on Segwik. It gives you the ability to control available user actions and levels of accessible security. 


Access Control lets you decide who can:

  • view information

  • access information

  • use company related information

  • use company resources


Segwik has separated its users in three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. Each level has certain privileges within the features of the software.


Level 1: 

  • The employees listed in level 1 are higher authorities in your business. 

  • Think of them as administrative users. 

  • They can easily access the administrative features and update settings. 

  • Level 1 users can view the data from all users. 

  • The Level 1 users can freely read, write and edit any data without any restrictions. 


Level 2: 

  • The users listed in Level 2 are your mid level employees. 

  • They can only access the same data as other Level 2 users and level 1 users. 

  • They cannot access the data of higher level users. 

  • Some Segwik features will be unavailable to Level 2 employees. 


Level 3: 

  • Level 3 users can only view their data. 

  • They have the least privileges and access to features 

  • They can only view, update, edit, or delete their own data.




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