Making Notes on a Contact

Contact notes allow you to track a customer through your customer journey management. The notes option will aid your seamless customer relations. 

Notes will allow you to record and organize a variety of information. Our notes feature is perfect for:

  • Record something someone said during a call

  • Which doorbell to ring when arriving at a client’s home

  • Customer special requests

Notes can help in a variety of Segwik sections, ranging from scheduling appointments in your calendar to communications management to editing your contacts. 

How to Make and Save a Note:

  • From the Journeys tab, click on the Notes option. 

  • It will prompt you to choose a note field

  • Choose where you want to include the note

  • Contacts

  • Meetings

  • Or any other vital information you want to save

  • Save the note by clicking the save button

Pro Tip:

Notes are always time stamped. The note will also show the name of the staff member who created the note. Notes will also keep track of the last person to contact a client.

You will always know who attributed the note, along with the date and time they created it.





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