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Making an Outbound Call/Calling a Contact


Making calls with Segwik is simple and straightforward. You can make calls to contacts via the Contact List or Contact Details


To Call a Contact:

  • Click on the Contacts List on the left and choose any Contact type you are searching for.

  • Click on the Phone icon. 


  • As an alternative, you can make calls via the Contact Details section.

  • Find the name of the contact you wish to call, either by clicking on the contact from the list or by searching using the upper right search box.

  • Click on the Phone icon on the upper right.

  • Upon completing a call, you will be able to save details about the calls, via call notes or additional call attributes that will become visible. 


You can find your call history in the Communications History of the contact or in the Communications Center from your Primary Navigation.


How To Call a Contact - Step 1

How To Call a Contact - Step 2

How To Call a Contact - Step 3




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