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Making a Contact


Making a contact in Segwik is not a Herculean task. Segwik makes Contact creation simple and straightforward. 

Segwik offers two methods to create contacts manually and multiple ways for contacts to self create their profiles


Method 1: Adding a Contact via the upper + Quick Add menu


From anywhere within the application, the upper +Quick Add menu is visible. Here you are able to add contacts from two different perspectives (Contact Type vs Contact Persona). Simply click a Contact Type or Contact Persona, and you can begin entering the Contact Details

When creating a contact from a Persona, the Contact Type is a required field and when creating a Contact from a Contact Type, the Persona is a required field. Thereafter, only one piece of data is required to define a Contact. 

Segwik prevents duplicate data contacts from being created. During basic operation of a Segwik account, contacts will be prevented from duplication via an email address or mobile phone number, however, in certain cases, Segwik can enable Agency Mode where Segwik allows duplicate contacts being on a PER USER basis. 

Segwik will attempt to prevent a Contact with the same email or mobile phone number from being added if the Contact is owned by the same user, however different users can create contacts with duplicate email addresses or phone numbers.


Making a Contact:

  • For easy identification, Segwik offers an orange Add button at the top right of the interface

  • Select a persona

  • Enter contact details, including: Name, Address, Email, Phone, etc

  • Click Create Contact to create a single contact and enter its contact details on the next screen

  • Click Create and New to enter multiple contacts.


Making a Contact Via + Quick Add - Step 1

Making a Contact Via + Quick Add - Step 2



Method 2: Add a Contact via the Contact List


Making a Contact:

  • Access your Contact List from the Primary Navigation on the left panel of the interface. 

  • You will find the different contact types enabled for your account

    • Sidenote: 

      • You can edit the Contact Types you want visible or hidden under Account Profile.  To see more information about Contact Type best practices, see this article.

  • Click on a Contact Type and it will display only the contacts that match your selection 

    • The results will generate in the form of a list


Making a Contact Via Contact List - Step 1

Making a Contact Via Contact List - Step 2




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