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How to Import Contacts

Your contacts result from years of networking. Segwik understands both their importance and the need to keep them safe and at your disposal. 

Once you export your contacts, you’ll need to import them into Segwik. We recommend you take your time with this process. Whether it’s 10 or 10,000 contacts, you’ll want to ensure the import is as clean as you need it to be.

Notes on Importing Contacts:

Smart Data management is important when successfully importing. We understand working on a spreadsheet can be difficult, so we made Segwik easier to use. We limit how much information and spreadsheet work needs to be done before you can successfully import. 

Take a moment to consider how Segwik uses the data after import. Segwik cannot isolate extraneous data. Do not import your spreadsheet with extra data, as Segwik cannot determine if entered data should be classified as a lead, persona, prospect, or tag. 

Segwik also doesn’t need all the data you may have collected (i.e. customer numbers, payment methods, etc.) It’s important to keep only critical data. 

What is Critical Data?

Any information that will allow your contact, when imported, to land on a/an:

  • Audience

  • Contact Type

  • Persona

  • Status

  • Tag

Any information that will allow your contact, when imported, to make use of short codes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name (these two fields MUST be separate)
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address 

In short: Keep it simple.

Importing Contacts Step 1

Extra Considerations:

  • You can choose an Advanced Importing option in Segwik

    • From here you can apply everything you are importing at once, saving you time from having to apply attributes individually at a later time.  

  • Consider: does this data need unique values for this attribute or does it need to be a global attribute for everyone being imported?

    • For example: importing everyone as a prospect VS personas being unique to each person (prospect, client, colleague, etc)

    • This also applies to 

      • Customer types

      • Personas

      • Tags

        • For more information, see Advanced Options under the How to Import Contacts heading

  • Use the STATUS attribute to show how a contact moves through your CRM process

Pro Tip: You won’t need to process your spreadsheets further when handled through Segwik.


Notes on Exporting Your Contacts to XLS:

Data can only be imported into Segwik in XLS format, an older version of Excel. Ensure your contacts are ready to be imported by removing any extra data before converting from CSV, XLSX, or other formats to XLS. 

Exporting Your Contacts Google Sheets:

  • Click File

  • Click Export

    • From the drop-down menu, choose Microsoft Excel

  • Go to

  • Click Select File

    • Click Convert to XLS

    • Click the red Convert button when ready

  • When the download is ready, click download

  • Your contacts are ready to import to Segwik

Exporting Contacts Step 1

Exporting Contacts Step 2

Converting Contacts Step 1

Converting Contacts Step 2

Converting Contacts Step 3

Converting Contacts Step 4


Exporting from Apple Numbers:

  • Click File

  • Choose Export

    • From Excel from the drop-down menu 

  • From the Export Your Spreadsheet screen, click Advanced Options

    • Choose XLS from the drop-down menu

    • Click Next when you are ready

  • Save As a something you’ll remember to prepare for importing

  • Click Export when ready

  • Your contacts are ready to import into Segwik

Exporting Apple Numbers Step 2

Exporting Apple Numbers Step 3


How to Import Contacts:

  • Click on the Settings gear icon

    • Choose Import Data

  • Under the Upload Contact Data page, click Choose File

    • Choose your saved XLS contact file

  • Enter any descriptions as needed

  • Click Advanced Options to choose attributes for the entire contact list you are uploading

    • Clicking on Advanced Options will reveal the following options

      • Audience

      • Customer Type

      • Tags

      • Persona

      • Status

      • Owner

  • Apply the best attributes as needed

  • Click Upload when ready

  • Under the Segwik Fields page, you will see your XLS fields listed

    • Choose the best Segwik fields to match your XLS fields

  • The Segwik Fields page will load

    • Search or scroll for the best attributes for the available fields

  • Click Import when ready

  • Congrats! You can now find your contacts in your chosen audience!


Importing Contacts Step 1

Importing Contacts Step 2

Importing Contacts Step 3

Importing Contacts Step 4

Importing Contacts Step 5

Importing Contacts Step 6

Importing Contacts Step 7

Importing Contacts Step 8

Importing Contacts Step 9

Importing Contacts Step 10

Importing Contacts Step 11






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