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At the end of this tutorial, you'll be able to export contacts from a Constant Contact account that you control, in preparation for processing the data or importing it directly into your Segwik account.



  • Log into Constant Contacts

  • Click contacts from the top left corner

  • Click the contacts tab

  • Click all contacts from the drop-down menu

  • Select the status you want to filter by via the drop down menu

  • Select the contacts in your search results

  • Or select all

  • Click actions from the drop down

  • then click export

  • A green prompt will appear that you have successfully exported your list

  • A Download CSV button will appear

  • Save the file for importing into Segwik


Exporting your contacts from Constant Contact doesn’t have to be a headache. Hello and welcome to Segwik’s guide to taking control of your contacts - How to export contacts from Mail Chimp.. 

A lot of companies have invested a lot of time into building their Constant Contact database. We urge all Segwik users who wish to consolidate their technology universe to take the steps in this tutorial to export your Constant Contact contacts. 

Once you have logged into your Constant Contact account, click on Contacts located at the top left. Click on the contacts tab then all contacts from the drop-down menu. 

From here you can either choose all of your contacts or by selecting the status you wish to filter your contacts via the drop down menu. Select the contacts you wish to export. 

From the actions drop-down menu, select export. You can choose all the fields you want included in your file. A green highlighted prompt will appear at the top from where you can select the download CSV button. Save the exported CSV file in order to import it to Segwik. 

Whether it’s 10 contacts or 10,000 contacts don’t worry about it. Get those contacts into Segwik so that you can start to follow up with them, set more appointments and grow your business.


How to Export Your Constant Contact Contacts:


Constant Contact Export - Step 1

Constant Contact Export - Step 2

Constant Contact Export - Step 3

Constant Contact Export - Step 4

Constant Contact Export - Step 5

Constant Contact Export - Step 6

Constant Contact Export - Step 7

Constant Contact Export - Step 8





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