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Emailing a Contact


It’s easy to email a contact on Segwik. All you have to do is follow the prompt from the Contact List or Contact List Details. 


To Email a Contact:

  • Click on the Contact List or on the left side of the Segwik interface.

  • Under the Contacts section, click on any of the contact types.

  • Click on the Email icon. 

  • Compose your subject and message.

  • Click Send Email when done.


  • As an alternative, you can go through the Contact Details section.

  • Find the name of contact you wish to email.

  • Click on the Email icon on the top right. 

  • Compose your email and click send when ready.


After sending a communication - whether it be email, text, or call - it will appear in the Communications History of the contact. You can also locate it in the Communications Center from your Primary Navigation.


How To Email a Contact - Step 1

How To Email a Contact - Step 2

How To Email a Contact - Step 3





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