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Default Contact Settings


Segwik understands that data entry is one of the most troublesome and loathsome parts of the Contact management system experience. We have taken mitigation steps to ensure Segwik is as easy as possible. We minimize repetitive data entry tasks. 

The Segwik user interface offers users the ability to define certain attributes as “default” attributes. 

For example, if you regularly do business within a certain state, city or zip code, you can easily define these as “default attributes” from the Account Profile area. By defining these attributes as default attributes, you will not have to choose the state, city or zip code while creating the contact.


How to Set Defaults for Precise Data Entry:

  • Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of the interface

  • Click on Company Profile

  • Click on Default Settings Tab

  • Choose the email type you want required

  • Choose the phone number type you want required

  • Choose the Contact Type under Contact List

  • Specify the persona you want the contact to belong to 

    • This is a required step. Adding a persona will allow you to take appropriate actions regarding the contact.

  • Save any changes by clicking the orange Update Details button


Default Settings - Step 1

Default Settings - Step 2

Default Settings - Step 3

Default Settings - Step 4

Default Settings - Step 5


Pro tip: Determine and aim to have the right amount of information and knowledge of every contact you will require every time. Customize and set your required values in the Account Profile section.





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