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Contact Tags

Contact Tags serve a multi-purpose function. Segwik users have a plethora of opportunities to tag contacts with any desired additional information which do not make sense to save into other fields. 

To manage the tags available in your account, navigate to the gear icon and click on Profile. By clicking “Add Tags” you can manage the tags available in your account. 

Tags are available across all contact types in Segwik. You can use tags for saving:

  • Where you met a contact

  • The date you imported a contact

  • The data source of a contact

  • A particular group the contact belongs to

  • A particular page on a website a contact filled out a form


Customize your Segwik account by adding, removing, or editing tags.


Pro Tip: Use Contact Tags to save information on your buyer’s journey. 

  • Save the actions they take on your website

  • Their preferred emails 

  • The content they engage with most

  • Call to Actions (CTAs) that drive them to take action on your website




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