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Company Profile Key Features:

Within the organization profile, you will find the fields like account name, address, city, phone no., business website, etc. 

  • Fill these fields in with your company’s information. 

  • You can also upload the logo of your organization. This will appear in email templates. 

Company Profile Tab Includes Editable:

  • Logo

  • Account Name

  • Booker URL

  • Business Address

  • Business State

  • Business City

  • Business Zip Code

  • Business Phone Number

  • Business Website

  • Contacts who do business with you should be referred to as?

  • How do you refer to your organization?

  • Users of Segwik should be referred to as? 


Creating a Company Profile - Step 1

Creating a Company Profile - Step 2


Pro Tip: Segwik’s enhanced user experience allows you to change the permissions and settings for your profile on an as-needed-basis. 

For example, if you referred to your organization as a company, then these tabs will reflect the options associated with this business type. If you refer to it as a team, then the tabs will reflect the change.





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