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Company Closures

Segwik offers a Company Closures feature, where you can add and set times that your business is available for working hours. 

By setting working, or available hours, you can control your company’s visible schedule. Your clients will see your availability and find a time to interact with your business that is convenient for them and you. 

Your clients will know, and be able to stick to, any schedule provided by you for meetings, consultations, and more. 

Why Add Closures?

You can use closures throughout your customer journey. For example, any public bookers will respect the closure times added on this page. Closures added on this page supersede time ranges added on specific calendars. Closures can also guide the behavior of your Segwik telephony system or texting system to allow texts and calls to be forwarded to you during business hours and steered to a voicemail system after hours.


How to add a closure:

  • Click on the Settings in the bottom left menu bar.

  • Click on the Profile Button. 

  • The Company Profile page will open.

  • Click on the Company Closures Tab next to the default settings tab present on the top of the screen. 

  • You will land on the List View. 

  • To add a closure time, click on the Add Closures button. 

  • A pop-up will appear with the fields such as time zone, location, description, and date. 

  • Fill out all the fields as per your requirement and click on the Save Closure button. 

How To Add Closures - Step 1

How To Add Closures - Step 2

How To Add Closures - Step 3

How To Add Closures - Step 4

This feature will allow you to define the specific days, or anytime on a particular date, on which your company will be closed. Public calendars will also reflect these dates. Allowing clients to see your availability when they want to schedule meetings.  For ultimate flexibility you can add multiple closure times on any given day.

Pro Tip: Use Closures in conjunction with User Availabilities to ensure your business, your staff, and your clients can have the optimum scheduling flexibility.





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