Adding a Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and Physical Addresses to a Contact


Segwik allows users to store on contacts any amount of details necessary. This includes no limit on the quantity of email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses. Also, Segwik’s intuitive user interface allows you to properly tag email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses with critical pieces of additional information to keep this data organized.


Adding a Phone Number, Email Address, or Physical Address:

  • Click on Contact List then, click on a given contact, or navigate to any contact details via the search box from the upper right of the Segwik user interface.

  • Under Lead Details you will find Additional Details.

  • To add a phone number, email address or physical address, simply click on any of the three buttons.  Upon clicking, an empty field will appear below.

  • Click on the dropdown menu. 

    • It will display a variety of options you can add, such as: personal, billing, work, business, school, direct office, etc...

  • Select the type you wish to add.

  • You can add as many phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses as you wish.

  • Save your changes.


Pro Tip: To save time with data entry, you can set required phone, email, and address types as a default. This alleviates the stress of having to choose a type for each contact. To set phone, email, and address type defaults, use the gear icon on the bottom left of the Segwik user interface, and navigate to the “defaults” tab.  Here you can set default values for various aspects of Segwik.





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