Segwik Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that often come up with Segwik users or those that are interested in becoming Segwik users.

Most small businesses are lacking a combination of best practices, technology, and scaleability. Segwik brings all three through a combination of software and consulting that positions its users in the best position for immediate growth and business improvement.

Segwik is different in that it is truly built with the small business in mind. While other platforms claim small business as part of their repertoire to gain a foothold in the largest sector of world commerce, the fact is these businesses know nothing of the day-to-day struggles of small business owners. Segwik is a small business, and was forged through deep connections with actual small business owners.

Segwik offers two basic levels of engagement: "Self Management" and "CRM Agency". Self Management is for Users who wish to use the software on their own with minimal oversight from Segwik staff. CRM Agency clients get the added benefit of a Segwik Project Manager and CRM Strategist overseeing the development of their account. Pricing reflects these differences: Self Management has a low "per-user" price comparable to other platforms, while CRM Agency clients pay a fee in line with that of a monthly consultant. Both types of users are responsible for their own telecommunications and processing expenses.

Segwik helps by giving its users a foundation to "organically" build their businesses on top of? "Organically" refers to the idea that Segwik's unique architecture relies upon the user's account mirroring the exact way that the account holder does business. Operation of the platform is built upon roles, personas, tasks, phases and structure. The effect is building a scaleable version of your business in the software so that your business can scale in the real world.

Segwik's goal from its inception was to negate the need for unnecessary third-party software, however, we recognize that it is not always possible to negate all third-party software and in many cases, third-party software has very useful purposes that Segwik cannot recreate. A Segwik support staff member can assist with all manner of integrations with other software, or we can assist in migrating necessary data to the Segwik platform.

It is up to each Account holder to establish permission levels for each individual user or groups of users they give access to. With proper permission setting, your data should be as secure as you allow it to be.

Segwik is accessible via any Internet browser anywhere in the world.

An Agency package typically lasts 6-12 months, with clients being able to downgrade to a basic support plan thereafter.