Pete Romano Interview with Mark Boundy


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Pete Romano Interview with Mark Boundy

Segwik’s Pete Romano joined C-Suite Radio’s Mark Bounds on his podcast, ValuClarity. Topics ranged from CRM initiatives to helping clients achieve success. They discussed Segwik’s featured Customer Journey management, plus Romano’s goals for the future. Boundy’s podcast delivers business solutions and growth. Combined with Romano’s insight on customer outcomes, this episode is a must-listen for business owners. Find out what Boundy called “powerful stuff” and why you need to invest in a CRM.

By Amanda Rosa
01:14PM Tue October 5, 2021

Pete Romano Interview with Mark Boundy

Segwik founder, Pete Romano, joined Mark Boundy on his podcast, ValuClarity.

Hosted by C-Suite Radio, ValuClarity’s mission is to connect entrepreneurs, and everyone on their team, towards uncovering and developing value with a focus on customer value.

Boundy began the conversation with one of Segwik’s biggest selling features: consulting. While other companies rely on partners to deliver customer service; Segwik goes a step further.

From the very beginning, one of Segwik’s mission was to take ownership of its clients. To guide them on their journey to becoming successful. Romano cheerfully admitted, “It’s one of our distinguishing characteristics.”

Romano continued, “[I’m] heavily invested in the success of our clients. We take them under our wing and ensure they are successful with Segwik. It is of utmost priority.” 

Segwik was born from Romano’s long history of working directly with clients on marketing consulting and producing web and video content. It was during this time that Romano noticed, “It wasn’t sufficient to give somebody a technology solution and say good luck let us know if you have any problems.” It shifted Romano’s perspective and evolved into the Segwik software we know today. 

Boundy, added Romano, was being modest when discussing Segwik. In Boundy’s experience as a consultant for one of the largest B2B companies, he would see CRM being implemented and then watch as companies struggled.

“CRM,” he pointed out, “does nothing to help the salesperson build a relationship with a customer.”

“What makes Segwik different,” Romano explained. “Segwik is not really a CRM. Segwik is a CJM. Customer Journey Management.”

Romano continued, “We focus on our customer’s customer. We look past the business to ensure they can provide a good customer experience. Plus give companies a tool to make sure they’re delivering that experience well.”

The problem, Romano theorized, is that businesses make a single, critical mistake when shopping for a CRM. It’s a problem that Boundy agreed with. 

When businesses decide they need a CRM software, they look into the features first.

What does this solution do? How do I use it?

This leaves them at a disadvantage from the beginning.

The right way to adopt a CRM, according to Romano, is simple. First, go to a whiteboard. Second, map out:

  • How do you want your business to run?

  • How do customers flow through your business?

  • How do departments communicate with each other?

Layer out all the wants, needs, pain points, and then adopt the CRM that addresses them all. 

A bigger problem, Boundy countered, is when a self-informed customer is an under or misinformed. They cannot communicate their actual pains and gains. Instead, limiting themselves to what they researched and what think they should say.

Boundy cautions self informed customers, “There are other outcomes [to consider].”

When shopping for a CRM platform; it’s not what you think your business needs, but what you really need.

Segwik is very boutique Romano admits. The developers and he will change and build custom architecture if it means client success. He assures Boundy that the entire Segwik team is on board with this simple mission. 

“Our consulting and programming team are always ready to really analyze a customer’s situation.”

Segwik ensures a smooth transition and workflow. Designed to be easy to use and access. With everything integrated into a single platform, Segwik lives up to one of Romano’s promises.


That Segwik will “Fit like a glove.”



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