Website Update - Knowledge Base 



Website Update - Knowledge Base 

Designed to keep you both informed and in the loop, our knowledge base is available 24/7. Whenever you need it and always on your schedule.

By Pete Romano
01:43AM Tue August 24, 2021

Website Update - Knowledge Base 

Website Update - Knowledge Base 

Knowledge Base is up and running! The Segwik team has and continues to populate our knowledge base with helpful articles and videos to keep you and your staff on track to meet your goals. 

Your workload doesn’t need to come to a complete stop. Our knowledge base keeps you both informed and in the loop and it’s always available - 24/7. So it’s always there, on your time, whenever you need it. 

Articles range from helpful tips, how to’s, and everything else you need to consciously update and customize your Segwik software. 

We’re designing our knowledge base with you in mind, so if there is anything you want added - or feel is missing in our knowledge base. Let us know! We’re regularly updating and adding to our articles and videos. 

To view our Knowledge Base click here.

As we say here at Segwik, the knowledge base is and has everything you need to know about your CRM software.


Happy Segworking!


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