Want to Make the Most Out of Text Messaging For Business? Here’s How!

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Want to Make the Most Out of Text Messaging For Business? Here’s How!

Want to Make the Most Out of Text Messaging For Business? Here’s How!

January 23, 2023 

You want to keep customers in the loop and continue building upon your customer experience. You’re ready to implement text messaging and blasts into your marketing. But how do you do it? Where do you start?

A great place to begin - is using a tool that may already be at your disposal - your CRM. 

The addition of text blasts into your current automated journeys is easier than you think. 

You can:

  • create a series of automated messages that are sent out on a schedule
  • keep customers in the loop with new on sales, launches, new products or services
  • send reminders and follow-ups
  • nurture the relationship by sending messages on major events like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays

All of this, and more, without manually messaging each client or worrying you’ll forget. 


Let’s dive deeper into what you can do with in an Automatic Texting Journey


Send Meeting Reminders

Meeting reminders keep everyone on the same page. Find a schedule that works for you (a week ahead, a day ahead of time, etc.) and ensure attendees know the exact time, place, and purpose of the meeting.

By scheduling and sending meeting reminders, you can also provide updates and ensure everyone is prepared and aware of agenda changes, extra materials needed, and vital new information. 

Ensure meetings are successful by keeping all participants on the same page.


Send Thank You Messages

Nurture relationships by sending thank you messages automatically to clients, staff, and colleagues. 

By automating your messages, you can ensure clients feel appreciated and thanked for their purchases, loyalty, understanding, and more. 

Positive customer experiences increase customer satisfaction and retention. 


Request Reviews and Referrals

Easily receive reviews and referrals by scheduling requests to go out automatically. 

Tailor the messages to fit your needs and wants. 

Want more Yelp reviews, add a link to make it easy for your clients to click and review. 

Want more client referrals, create custom links that can be easily shared. 

Follow-up with a thank you text to show your appreciation. 


Create Automated Surveys

Use automated surveys to quickly, and accurately, gather data and track customer feedback. 

Automated surveys can also help measure customer satisfaction and track customer preferences. Save time and effort while still gaining valuable insights.


Communicate Real-Time News 

Keep clients informed and in the loop in real-time. 

Tailor messaging to individual clients or buyer personas based on their interests. 

By communicating news, updates, and information in real time, you can reduce frustration and reach clients within seconds while continuing to build relationships. 


Text messaging for businesses is the perfect complement to any personalization you have already implemented in your current customer journeys. You can continue to message clients using existing data like first and last names, company information, interests, and much more. 

Plus, they can help you track the performance or promotional offers and other updates. Allowing you to make adjustments and optimize your messaging accordingly. 

Best of all, SMS blasts keep you top of mind. 

It’s time to add the creation and customization of text messages to your customer journeys. Continue to further nurture your relationships and watch your customer experience grow. 

And, as always, happy Segworking!



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