How to Use a Calendar Booker to Streaming Bookings and Create a Seamless Customer Journey

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How to Use a Calendar Booker to Streaming Bookings and Create a Seamless Customer Journey

How to Use a Calendar Booker to Streaming Bookings and Create a Seamless Customer Journey

Jan 6, 2023

Calendar bookers are the perfect software solution to streamline bookings and meetings while providing a seamless customer journey. 

What is a Calendar Booker?

A calendar booker is a booking software that allows customers to book services, events, and appointments. 

Customers can book these on their own schedule without having to wait in line or contact someone in person. 

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it has all the positive qualities of booking directly through you or a member of staff, with no waiting or second guessing. 

This isn’t all a calendar booker can do. 

Below are six additional features that a booker provides that are sure to boost your customer experience.

1. Automated Scheduling 

Allow customers, employees, and other contacts to schedule meetings easily. 

Automated emails let them know the meeting was scheduled successfully. 

No more constant emailing to find a time that works for everyone.

2. Real-Time Availability

Display real-time availability of resources, such as personnel, rooms, and equipment. 

This way all bookings are accurate and made according to current availability. 

No more double bookings.

3. Automated Reminders

Send automated reminders to customers, employees, and contacts about upcoming appointments and deadlines. 

Everyone is up-to-date on when the meeting will occur.

Say goodbye to meeting no-shows.

4. User-Friendly Interface

An easy-to-use, user-friendly interface allows users to book appointments with minimal effort. 

Quick and easy booking. 

No confusion, just available times to choose from.

5. Customizable Settings

Customize your booker to suit your business’ different needs. 

Customize appointment categories, preferences, and payment methods.

Incorporate your branding into your booker to ensure it matches with your other touchpoints. 

6. Integrations

Bookers can integrate with software you’re already using for your business, like a customer relationship management (CRM), accounting software, and more. 

It makes booking easier, efficient, and safe.

Give contacts the ability to book straight through your software without having to leave and go to a third-party platform. 

A calendar booker is a significant investment that can ensure your customers have a great experience while interacting with your brand. 

It’s all a part of proving a seamless customer journey.

By incorporating a booking software, you can provide a streamlined and efficient customer journey plus an unparalleled customer experience. 

Save money, time, and hassle by investing in a calendar booker today and boost your customers’ journey in the new year. 

Happy Segworking!


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