Contact List Views

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Contact List Views

New Feature - Contact List Views 

Segwik Developers are excited to announce the newest addition to the software - Contact List Views. You will now be able to create and view filtered lists on any basis you wish to create.

Contact list views will allow you to filter your contacts to the parameters you wish. Filter through to email leads or certain personas. View contacts you have not yet followed-up with. Or contacts who haven’t responded to calls. 

Contact list views will let you define your search so you can view the contacts with one or multiple filters. You will now easily see the contacts that match your chosen criteria. Within seconds, you will have access to these contacts so you can continue working. 


How to Create a Contact List View:

  • From your home screen click on Contacts

  • Choose the Contact Type you wish to filter (ie leads, customers, clients)

  • Click on Views button at the top

  • From the drop-down menu, choose Add View

  • A Define View pop-up box will appear

  • Type your desired view in the box

    • A second box will appear

    • Choose a filter from the drop-down menu

    • Choose a value from the drop-down menu

    • Add more filters if you need to

  • Click the Save View button when done


Segwik will save your filters for easy access in the future. You will find them under your Define Views filter names. Create the filters you need and continue customizing your Segwik software. 

Happy Segworking!



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