Welcoming to the Roaring Twenties, Are You Ready For A Surging Economy?  

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Welcoming to the Roaring Twenties, Are You Ready For A Surging Economy?

With rising immunizations and advancing treatment, COVID-19 restrictions will be ending soon. Segwik’s CRM software ensures businesses thrive against the competition with powerful customer journeys. 

As COVID-19 restrictions continue to loosen throughout the world, many businesses are in a rush to get back to the “normal” routine that will no longer exist post COVID. Businesses will need to carefully craft directed customer journeys that allow them to understand the client and not only survive, but thrive amongst the competition. 

Created through years of mutual growth and organic collaborations, Segwik, architected by Pete Romano, began as the simple thought that businesses deserve a CRM software that can handle day-to-day management, increase productivity, and deliver predictable scalability.

A customer journey is the entire experience a client has when interacting with a brand or company, from the initial introduction to the first sale and beyond. Segwik’s carefully designed customer journeys create consistent brand management, high quality customer service, and ensure customers get the best possible version of your company every time they interact with your brand.

Today, businesses will face unique challenges that we haven’t seen in close to a century. COVID has changed the way consumers shop and interact with brands. Businesses now need to examine their approach to their clients and how to refine, and redirect, their customer journeys. Pete Romano, Founder of Segwik, said: “As customers continue to evolve and define the marketplace, businesses need to think a step ahead in order to be at the forefront of the economic boom.

“By focusing, nurturing, and continuously refining the customer journey, businesses can understand how and when customers will engage with their touchpoints. Turning leads into sales and sales into continuous brand loyalty. “  

As Jeffrey Hayzlett, co-founder and chairman of the C-Suite Network, added: “When Covid hit it, everyone looked into the abyss. Now, we have to look at every single opportunity - or in this case problem - and how we can change them. Businesses succeed because they find new ways. They look at their customer journey and they’re changing the way they deliver in order to be successful.” 

Carefully designed to work with businesses of all sizes, Segwik allows control of all aspects of the customer journey. Create easily adaptable journeys and grow predictably, with purpose. 

Hayzlett continued: “In today’s digital business, everyone needs to be a media company. Everyone needs to get out there. Everyone needs a great partner like Segwik. Segwik allows you to scale. If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”


About Segwik

Created by Pete Romano, Segwik began with the humble notion that businesses of every size deserve to compete and stand out against the competition. Segwik rethinks CRM and delivers solutions to everyday problems by assisting entrepreneurs in turning leads into clients, increasing revenue, effortless communication, and customizable, automated marketing. Featured on the C-Suite Network, Segwik is the easy, effective, MUST-HAVE software in your business toolbox. 

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