Useful Resources To Get Through Fall Hibernation

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Useful Resources To Get Through Fall Hibernation

Useful Resources To Get Through Fall Hibernation

As the weather gets cooler, sometimes, unfortunately, so does business. Many home services businesses notice a drop off as summer fades. Especially in the northeast, like where we, Segwik, are based. 

So, if it’s a natural lull and part of the whole changing of the seasons, that means we just grit our teeth and standby and do nothing? 

As if business owners ever standby and do nothing!

The trick is knowing what the big box corporations do and what resources are available at your disposal. That way, this autumn, you come out on top and transition into winter stronger than ever. 

What Should You Do First

There’s no wrong or right way to take advantage of your slow season. Just like there’s no one answer to create productivity that works with your brand, business, and staff. 

Find and use the suggestions below that’ll work for you and try something new. You never know what will work best and will be the right fit for your business. 

Let’s get started!

Network. Network. NETWORK!

There’s no shortage of groups that will get you in touch with fellow entrepreneurs in your community. Business networking groups often offer a wealth of opportunities. From referrals to contacts to growing critical relationships within your community - we highly recommend joining the group that’s right for you. 

Where to Start 

Your local chamber of commerce, library, trade associations, Rotary Club, and Women in Business are great places to start. Don’t forget, social webpages like Facebook and can also help you find the group for you. 

Ethical Partnerships

Your slow season could be a great time to check out the non-profit that you’re interested in. Partnerships with local businesses that are focused on doing good in your community will not only expose your name and brand to audiences that may have never heard of you, BUT have the added benefit of allowing you to share your expertise with businesses that wouldn’t have access to it otherwise. 

Where to Start

Your local community events calendar, workshops, or fundraising events are great places to start. Don’t forget, change can start with you as well. Reach out to community leaders if you have an idea or want to share your experience with others. 

Increase Your Digital Footprint

This can definitely be a way to stretch your creative muscles and have fun with your marketing. Reach out to your best customers and schedule video testimonials. Plan out new flyers. Revamp your logo. Invest in a commercial. The sky’s the limit to refreshing and expanding your digital footprint.  

Where to Start

Look at your current marketing and digital touchpoints. What’s working? Why? What’s not working? Why not? Is there a way to tweak what’s not working so that it works for you instead of against you? This is a great place to start so you can make informed decisions on what to do next. 

Rework Your Website, Landing Pages, & SEO

In today’s global market, your website can often be the first AND ONLY touchpoint your clients will ever see. It would surprise you how quickly pages can look dated, out of style, or even the dreaded “cheugy” or “cringe”. 

Your slow season can give you the time to focus your attention on your site’s message, look, and while you’re at it - SEO. If your business isn’t on Google’s first two search pages, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars per year. 

Where to Start

Look at competitors’ websites and see what they’re doing that works and what isn’t. Pick and use uniform language, messaging, and branding that will be the same across your platforms. Research meta descriptions and tags for your industry and apply them to your pages. Last, create a blog that both educates clients AND lets clients get to know you, your business, and services better. 

Work On Your Entrepreneurial Journal

You’re the expert at work but there’s always room to get better. Look into classes that can update your industry related skills or take business classes to make the most out of your business. 

Expanding your knowledge is a significant step towards being a leader that inspires your staff, empathizes with your clients, and sets you apart from the competition.

Where to Start

There’s a vast network of online courses that focuses on what you want to learn. They range in length and price, so finding the right course for you is easier than you realize. Your local library is once again a great resource towards continuing your education.

Expand Your Customer Experience

The slow season is a great time to reach out to current customers, leads, and prospects. Create emails that inform, nurture, and funnel audiences into the pipeline you want. Connect with clients by researching and fully understanding their pain points. Listen to client feedback and make apologies and changes where necessary. 

Where to Start

Begin by delivering consistent brand communication at the high level you want and expect by automating your CRM. Send out thank you emails, follow up consistently, and keep communication notes. 

Turning your slow season into a productive one isn’t a change that you can do overnight. But by starting today, and working at it little by little you can change the way you both deal with and think about the slow season. 

Happy Segworking!


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