Segwik Launch - Recap

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Segwiks Launch - Recap

The CRM software’s launch featured expert speakers, panelists, client testimonials, and more! 

The event was kicked off by host and MC, Cindy Ashton, as she greeted attendees personally to the event. As always, Ashton’s upbeat and infectious attitude propelled the event forward

as she guided guests through the virtual event. Ashton weaved common business problems and Segwik solutions through the expert presenters, panelists, and testimonials. 

“We get into business because we want the time and freedom to live our lives, but, quite often, instead of the business serving us, we end up serving the business,” cautions Ashton. She posed the question, how could entrepreneurs serve their clients while still having time for themselves. The simple answer - systems. The expanded answer - systems that have the ability to expand a business by up a ten fold. 

Ashton’s proposal effortlessly segued into the event’s first expert presenter - Steve Napolitan. Napolitan’s earlier promise to share with attendees the secret to working smarter not harder began with Napolitan discussing his earlier life. The need to think differently as an entrepreneur began when he realized 12 years into his business that he was working harder - and that wasn’t the answer. Working smarter was. 

Napolitan shared with attendees his secret to productivity that changed everything. As fans of Napolitan can attest, he was characteristically blunt and forthwith in what businesses owners need to do and change. Entrepreneurs need to reframe the way they think about their business. “Eliminate. Delegate. Automate,” Napolitan states. “There’s so many things not that technology can take over. Why waste time doing something that a computer can do?”

His mantra, More Business, More Life, lends itself perfectly to one of Segwik’s greatest attributes - automation. “This is where automation becomes key. Now you can be high touch, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it can all be sequenced through automation.” Napolitan’s presentation ended with encouraging attendees to seriously consider what they personally want to change in order to be able make better business decisions and have more life.

Following Napolitan was the first of Segwik Beta client testimonials - Majestic Awning. Michael Toole, one of Majestic’s CEOs discussed how Majestic Awning went from a 1.5 million to 3 business in just one year. Toole began with Majestic’s humble beginnings and the difficulties they faced with leads, follow ups, consistent branding, and messaging. As Segwik was implemented, Majestic was able to handle quotes, calendars, invoicing, and installations all on a single platform. Segwik has allowed Majestic Awning “to grow much quicker than we ever thought we could.”

As the focus shifted back to Ashton, she introduced Pete Romano, Segwik’s founder and lead architect, to the event attendees. Romano shared his personal experience after college, his life working with top advertising companies in NYC, and how the seeds of Segwik began. “I found a small place in my heart,” Romano said, “for the struggles of the business owners out there that I could relate to.” He added, “I came across customer relations management systems, CRMS, but it wasn’t enough for the typical business owner - they needed more than that.”

Through Romano’s conversation with Ashton they touched upon the real world aspect of having to deal with multiple software and platforms, and the amount of time it takes to move all of that data around. Further delving into Segwik’s ability to seamlessly combine multiple software onto a single, easy-to-use, platform. “Our mission is that all small businesses deserve an edge and we want to give them that edge by helping them improve their system. Many more tools are needed to get businesses to run smoothly, and that’s our goal.”

Romano personally introduced friend and colleague, digital marketing expert, Dennis Consorte. Consorte’s presentation: Digital Marketing Funnels - What They Are and Why You Need Them was one of the biggest highlights of the event. Consorte went into depth, discussing Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, Bottom of Funnel, and what should go in between. 

“The easiest way to explain… At the top you’re going to pour all of your leads into your sales and marketing pipeline. Then through the middle of funnel, you’re nurturing those leads to the point of conversion at the bottom of funnel where they make a buying decision.” Consorte explains. 

Focusing on email and crm, attendees were given a deeper understanding and insight into Consorte’s method for success. Consorte’s easy manner and clear cut suggestions from how to create personas and to targeting leads directly, has already become attendees’ favorite presentation so far.  

“You’re establishing trust and personalizing the experience,” Consorte explains. “If you do it right, [a crm] will show you a really good picture of who your leads are and what their needs are. Increasing your chances of doing business.” With Consorte’s proven track record in delivering record-breaking profits, it’s no surprise that attendees wanted more. 

Attendees were then introduced to another Segwik’s Beta client, Liberty Realty and Joe Covello, who was able to increase retention by 20% as well as adding an additional 10,000 contacts. Segwik’s ability to bring Liberty Realty to “the next level” is no small part in what has made the company “Number 1 in Hudson County in volume and dollar amount.” Covello continued. “Segwik has allowed us a personal touch with our clients and to be efficient in doing so. Segwik has allowed us to scale in a way that I never thought possible.”

The event’s special guest, Jeffrey Hayzlett discussed doing business in the time of pandemic  and how the C-Suite Network pivoted to provide its members with guidance and support during this difficult time. Hayzlett joined Cindy Ashton for the featured panel discussion. 

Hayzlett shared how the C-Suite Network turned the very real fear of what to do during Covid into “looking at every opportunity, or problem, and how do we change them.” Focusing on the customer journey, Hayzlett expanded on what CRMS and entrepreneurs can and should do for their businesses. ‘

“We’re not just going to survive, we’re going to drive and thrive,” Hayzlett assured attendees. “Businesses succeed because they find new ways.” By tweaking their customer journey, the C-Suite Network was able to stay ahead of the economy and relevant for their members, all while expanding their reach all digitally.

Mapping out or changing customer journeys has all the promises for success a business owner could hope for post-Covid. “Always begin with what you’re trying to solve,” cautions Hayzlett. “You have to have an idea of where your [customer journey] is going. Otherwise you're going to run out of gas.” 

Segwik’s customizable customer journeys enable businesses to have their end in mind. By predicting the behavior of clients through a detailed mapping and automation, Segwik empowers entrepreneurs to not only pinpoint the destination for their clients but to allow creativity and innovation to help expand the business.

Increasing an entrepreneur's chances of doing business while creating growth is hard-coded into Segwik’s DNA. Attendees to the live event were also given a 3-month complimentary access to Segwik’s upcoming CRM University. CRM-U will partner attendees with a Segwik representative who will guide them through setting an amazing CRM platform that is designed to “fit like a glove.”

The future of Segwik is to continue to revise their own platform, constantly building upon it so that business can continue to offer smooth customer journeys, from the moment a customer says hello to invoicing and beyond, for business small and large and every type of business inbetween. The future looks bright. The future looks Segwik. '


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