Segwik’s Launch Adds Steve Napolitan to Featured Speaker List

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Segwik’s Launch Adds Steve Napolitan to Featured Speaker List

Brand master and a pioneer in the new media market in his own right, Steve Napolitan, brings his vision, insight, and advice to Segwik’s launch participants. As part of a Segwik centered discussion, Napolitan plans on delving into and divulging his secrets to gaining true freedom in business. 

Through top industry leaders, Segwik is turning the limitations of social distancing into a launching pad for an educational and immersive experience. Segwik’s founder and chief solutions architect, Pete Romano, promises the launch will not only educate and inspire attendees - but deliver added perspective. 

“Segwik is all about challenging what a CRM should do and how it should work for you. The primary goal is to give businesses the edge to survive and succeed in any economy. In order to be fully successful, I also took into account the importance of quality of life. Steve Napolitan’s ability to capture scalability without life compromise made him a natural choice for guest speaker.”

Segwik’s live streaming launch event is expected to deliver a well-rounded variety of discussions, interviews, and testimonials. The goal being to create a knowledgeable audience while introducing them to the Segwik platform. Featured speakers, like Napolitan, will broach a controversial topic: business owner’s self-care and quality of life are just as important as the business-side of the company.

Napolitan plans on sharing his top 3 secrets to creating business while enjoying more life. “My mantra is: work smarter, not harder. Being always aware of the steps and moves you can make now as an entrepreneur, can and will lead to continuous success in the future - and it doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to put yourself in debt and it doesn’t have to cost every minute or hour of every waking day.”

Napolitan’s success as an executive coach and brand master has helped over 35,00 clients increase their sales, maximize revenue, and provide innovative marketing - all while minimizing their effort. At the core, Napoltian is all about two things: generating more revenue and the freedom to succeed without sacrifice. “The goal is always to make yourself and your team more productive, profitable, and most importantly, happy.” 

“What I bring to Segwik’s attendees is simple. The ability to believe in your dreams once again. The knowledge that you can accomplish your vision through focus and teamwork. I know my advice and guidance will bring you and your business into the next level of success. You’ll learn what you need to attract profit and a happy life.” 

As the economy continues to grow around the ever-evolving business world, working smarter versus harder is more relevant than ever. Segwik’s ability to run a variety of platforms on one software is only the tip of what the CRM delivers. Romano’s goal is for clients to spend less time fixating over software management and more time running their business. Focusing only on what’s necessary is the first step towards the next level - profits and a happy life. 

The product? A single software that engages leads, staff, and current clients like never before. 

The outcome? Knowledgeable staff that works all on the same page and satisfied customers. 

The goal? Empowering your business to grow with purpose while running your business with clarity of mind. Increasing the well-being of your business and lives, that’s just one step further towards working smarter. “Segwik allows you to build your business and brand. From there, achieving your desired lifestyle is just a step away.” 

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