Rethink CRM. Meet Segwik.

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Rethink CRM. Meet Segwik.

Rethink CRM. Meet Segwik.

After years of research and development in a one-on-one capacity with small businesses of every type, Segwik is now launching its customizable, effortless CRM solution. 

Jersey City, March 15th, 2021 - Segwik, architected by Pete Romano as a direct response to his years of working as an advertising and marketing consultant, is fully launching this April. Carefully designed to increase productivity and decrease inefficiency, Segwik is the single CRM solution to managing your business’ day-to-day. Convert leads into sales and sales into returning clients with Segwik’s intuitive platform. After years of research, Segwik is ready to launch fully next month and can be found at


Segwik Details:

  • Create effortless customer journeys

  • Focus on work you need to succeed instead of the tools you need to work

  • Easily adopted and implemented into your daily routine

  • Allows you to focus on company growth without being bogged down by technology or infrastructure 


“It is with happiness and excitement that I announce the launch of  the revolutionary new, easy to use customer management system, Segwik,” said Pete Romano, founder and architect. “The Segwik platform has truly been a labor of love ever since our days knocking on the doors of small businesses along Main Streets everywhere. I have worked with thousands of businesses over the years and saw as the unacknowledged challenges my clients faced. Segwik is not just a customer journey system, it is an organic collaboration and so much more than a CRM.”

Segwik’s launch will be a live streaming event on April 20th. You will be able to access and try Segwik for free after registering for the event. 

About Segwik

Created by Pete Romano, Segwik began with the humble notion that businesses of every size deserve to compete and stand out against the competition. Segwik rethinks CRM and delivers solutions to everyday problems by assisting entrepreneurs in turning leads into clients, increasing revenue, effortless communication, and customizable, automated marketing. Featured on the C-Suite Network, Segwik is the easy, effective, MUST-HAVE software in your business toolbox. 

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