Post-It Notes Are NO WAY to Run A Business

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Post-It Notes Are NO WAY to Run A Business

Post-It Notes Are NO WAY to Run A Business

I have to be honest. When I walk into most offices for contractors, I’m appalled!

The sheer amount of Post-It Notes is equal parts staggering, frightening, and the staunch dedication to the sticky yellow notes is a little impressive. 

I’m talking desks cluttered with dozens and dozens of Post-It’s, each with a different lead on it. 

Or, even more terrifying, I saw an employee answer a call, scribble down a client estimate, and then stick that baby onto the yellow filled nightmare desk of the sales manager. 

You know what they say… They paved the road to hell with yellow sticky notes and you’re looking for the one that lists a million dollar client.

Look, it’s 2022 and companies are still using Post-It notes to keep track of leads, projects, trade show guests, and everything else under the sun.

Now, I know you aren’t one of those businesses. But, let’s face it. There are probably a dozen things you wish you could change to improve your operations, lead generation, and sales. Right?

Let’s upgrade your business and get you ready to track leads, projects, and estimates faster, easier, and out of the 1980s.


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