How Small Businesses Survived and Thrived During the Pandemic

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How Small Businesses Survived and Thrived During the Pandemic

How Small Businesses Survived and Thrived During the Pandemic 

Covid-19 forced small businesses to rethink how they interacted with their customers.

Through lockdowns, social distancing measures, state and federal guidelines, entrepreneurs did the unthinkable.

They had to rethink, and rebuild, their businesses in order to continue supporting themselves and their families.

Rethink Business 

Strict CDC guidelines and lockdowns forced businesses to build upon and expand their sense of community.

Entrepreneurs across the country made the most out of this opportunity, and transitioned to e-commerce, virtual get-togethers, and Zoom meetings.

The ability to connect with clients outside of their immediate sphere allowed many entrepreneurs to expand further than they ever imagined.

No matter where they were in the country, customers could access businesses and staff one-on-one in clear, branded messaging.

Advice from the C-Suite’s Network, Jeff Hayzlett

In an exclusive interview for Segwik’s launch, C-Suite Network’s Jeff Hayzlett broached being an entrepreneur during Covid-19.

“The unique challenges Covid-19 has pressed upon businesses has forced business owners to change how they think about the business. In order to succeed, people will need to find new ways to create an opportunity for a sale.”

Hayzlett’s advice to rebuild in order to recover, survive, and thrive during the pandemic is easier than you think.

Today, entrepreneurs are in a unique situation. Cloud-based CRMs can create opportunities for growth and profit at the push of a button.

By targeting and engaging clients with automated journeys, messaging, and branded marketing, creating opportunities has never been easier.

Meet Majestic Awning

Majestic Awning provides commercial and residential awnings across the NJ/NY metropolitan area.

Majestic’s strength lies in its great customer service and knowledgeable staff. In their twenty-plus years of experience, Majestic’s reputation has led to thousands of repeat customers and referrals.

Despite being a successful, million dollar company, they still struggled with messaging, lead follow-ups, and consistent branding. Majestic made a point to consciously change and redirect their plans for success. 

Co-founders Nino Pasqua and Michael Toole, implemented a CRM software. As lockdown began, Majestic rolled out Segwik, and began rebuilding and rethinking their customer journey.

By combining Pasqua’s real life customer stories, awning and pergola education, and custom graphics, Majestic created several entertaining funnels that launched the company further. 

In one short year, and during a pandemic, Majestic Awning doubled their profit. By using Segwik and a bit of creativity, Majestic grew from $1.5 million in revenue to $3 Million. 

How to Survive…

The thought of rebuilding and recovering can feel daunting or impossible. It could feel akin to having to start over from the ground up. The first step is easy: implementing, or revising, a CRM.

Though quite simple, a CRM can be a significant starting point.

Like Majestic, taking time to craft well thought-out and well-designed customer journeys and funnels has its advantages. Though it took a considerable investment of time, money, and hard work - it was worth it. 

Begin with a solid customer journey as your foundation. Layer with well thought out buyer personas and funnels. Then sprinkle with your own unique branded style of graphics and copy. It all begins with a good CRM and team. 

… And Thrive

CRMs allow businesses to create unique and detailed customer journeys designed to attract and catch leads.

Through automated journeys, leads will flow into a series of directed funnels that educate, intrigue, and entertain all the way to purchase.  

“I believe [CRMs and] Segwik grants business owners just that. The ability, the knowledge, and the tools to succeed,” Hayzlett said.

“By empowering entrepreneurs to make viable small changes now, Segwik gives business owners the ability to overcome this difficult situation and succeed well into the future.”

Creating your own unique journey will take time and effort, but they are the beginning steps to success and growth. Thanks to today’s technology and CRMs, like Segwik; the ability to succeed is right at your fingertips. Now and well into the future.



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