Segwik Taps Cindy Ashton To Host Launch Livestream

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Segwik Taps Award-Winning TV Host Cindy Ashton To MC Segwik Launch Event

Ashton will kick off the April 20th event as the Master of Ceremonies. Segwik’s launch comes amidst the COVID pandemic, turning the unprecedented time into a virtual event that can go further in depth and deeper into the software than any in-person event could allow. Segwik's game-changing software allows businesses to effortlessly create customer journeys that lead to more sales, repeat business and referrals, all while saving them time.

Speaking of Ashton, Founder and Chief Solutions Architect, Pete Romano said, “I knew whoever I invited to host our launch event would need to be at the top of their field. The only choice was always clear: Cindy Ashton.” 

“I am super excited to host this event and see Segwik launch out into the world,” said Ashton. “I am blown away by how this software makes doing everyday business easy. Huge congratulations to Pete Romano, the brainchild behind Segwik. Join us this April 20th and get to know how Segwik can help you systemize your business.”

Segwik’s launch will be a fully immersive experience that will allow participants to engage fully with the Segwik software, and will feature leading industry professionals. Saying Romano, “I wanted to focus on the potential for worldwide reach through a virtual event.  We created a software that redefines the traditional CRM and needed a launch event that would match the innovation that is the Segwik platform.

Guests will experience live demos, guest speakers, client testimonials, and more. At the center of it all -  Cindy Ashton. Ashton will guide participants through the live streaming event, introducing segments and conducting interviews. 


Cindy Ashton Cindy Ashton


Ashton’s vibrant personality has taken her from working with Broadway Professionals to working with Billion dollar companies as a presentation strategist to over 25 countries in the world. An entrepreneur in her own right, Cindy will not only bring an entertaining flair to the event, but also a deep insight into her own experiences with marketing automation software. Her 20 plus years of experience in musical theater and improv have prepared Ashton for a career in the limelight. As a Keynote Speaker, Ashton has spoken on hundreds of stages to thousands of attendees - and she shows no signs of slowing down. 

Segwik’s launch comes at a unique time -  the lull in the economy caused by the pandemic’s vast reach contrasted with the “roaring twenties'' style boom of a latent, potential surging economy - and it couldn’t come at a better time. Effortless scalability. Small changes, big results. Segwik’s software allows businesses to engage with customers with direct action and purpose, turning leads into sales and sales into brand loyalty. “Segwik forces businesses to rethink what they want and need from their CRM, and Segwik’s clients force the platform to perform at the best technological level. It’s an organic cooperation and mutual growth that propels both forward.” 

Registration for the event is still available and can be found by clicking here.


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