Segwik’s Pete Romano Latest Executive Briefing With CIBN Connect

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Segwik’s Pete Romano Latest Executive Briefing With CIBN Connect

Segwik’s Pete Romano Latest Executive Briefing With CIBN Connect

Pete Romano’s Executive Briefings continued this March 10th with CIBN Connect. CIBN encourages its members to focus on their business while taking advantage of their multiple events to network - and the pandemic hasn’t slowed them down.

A recent member, Romano, joined the event stage to discuss, “The Story of the Small Business Leaky Bucket.” His talk was part of CIBN’s Connect series. A big part of CIBN’s mission is for business owners to empower themselves with the tools and knowledge to “thrive in a challenging economy.”


Segwik and CIBN Connect

Part of Segwik’s ongoing knowledge transfer events, Executive Briefings is all about imparting marketing and journey knowledge that most entrepreneurs aren’t aware of or are not implementing correctly. 

The Story of the Small Business Leaky Bucket begins by setting out the obstacles that most small business owners face. The challenges that keep them from fulfilling their true potential. By encapsulating the pain points, the “leaky bucket syndrome”, Segwik gave CIBN members a chance to rethink their marketing and business strategies. 



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Romano and CIBN Connect

“It’s not always about feeding, like a firehose, as many leads into your funnel as possible,” Romano said. “Because what ends up happening is these leads start to leak out because of bad processes.”

Romano states that no matter how much marketing or advertising you throw at your company or product, if these “bad practices” are not taken care of, prospects, profit, and more will continue to leak out. Imagine the compounded damage after 1 - 5 - 10 - 20 years. 

Maintaining the effort and money you put into your business is the culmination of creating a focused customer journey and learning where to implement better business strategies. Romano discussed how to move customers from A to B to C and beyond in a “deliberate and purposeful manner.” How to not only create value for your customers but also how to attract high-value customers. 

Romano points out that the journey most business owners make in the beginning becomes obsolete when the company grows. Often, entrepreneurs, because they don’t know any better, will try to plug these holes by implementing various software fixes. Being forced to manage several software, with several costs and plans, daily only causes frustration and hours upon hours of delayed work.

It’s no wonder that most small business owners work double the hours of their regularly employed counterparts. 


Pete’s Takeaway

“Most small business owners can’t connect all of these softwares. It’s almost impossible to connect all of these things in a way that’s going to build an effective journey.” 

Segwik’s continued growth and Romano’s networking allow small business owners across the country access to Romano’s experienced take, Segwik’s unique software, and, of course, deeper insight into the changes they can make in order to create effective, and ultimately, successful journeys and scalability. 

To read further on Romano’s take, check out his blog on the event: How to Overcome Bad Business Strategies and Plug Your Leaking Small Business Bucket

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