Jeffrey Hayzlett Joins Segwik’s Launch as a Featured Speaker

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Jeffrey Hayzlett Joins Segwik’s Launch as a Featured Speaker

Hayzlett brings his business insight and strategies to the April 20th event. As part of his interview with Ashton, Hayzlett hopes to tackle the difficult topic of how to rebuild and recover in the post COVID economy and how Segwik can help business owners not only survive but thrive.

“I wanted to incorporate top industry professionals as guest speakers and panelists” said Segwik Founder, Pete Romano. “Jeffrey Hayzlett brings not only his advice and experience, but his gravitas as well,” 

Segwik’s launch promises to educate and inspire attendees. Participants can expect to see panel discussions, live Segwik demos, testimonials from beta testers, and, of course, the experts, like Hayzlett. Romano added: “Segwik redefines what a CRM should be and do. The launch event - and the featured speakers - had to match that energy and the professional and easy to understand and relate to level, currently associated with Segwik.”

Hayzlett will be interviewed by Host and MC, Cindy Ashton. Together they’ll discuss Segwik’s revolutionary way of tackling CRMs, how to prepare for the surging post pandemic economy, and more. Fans of Hayzlett can expect his honest, no-holds-bar approach and perspective to the business side of the discussion. 

Hayzlett’s experience and insights make him one of the business world’s leading global celebrities. As the host of a variety of TV and business podcasts, Jeffrey Hayzlett is one of the most trusted public speakers. Cited in Forbes, SUCCESS, Mashable, and others, he has used his leading business expertise to create, transform, and mentor a vast array of business disciplines. His 20 plus years of experience have only led to successful brand, marketing, and business management for clients, colleagues, and himself. Today, Hazylett enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge as a keynote speaker, author, and media personality - and that’s only the beginning. 

Hayzlett is no stranger to focusing on business growth, innovation, and leadership. “The unique challenges Covid-19 has pressed upon businesses, has forced business owners to change the way that they think about their business. In order to succeed, people will need to find new ways to create an opportunity for a sale. 

I believe Segwik grants business owners just that. The ability, knowledge, and tools to succeed. By empowering entrepreneurs to make viable small changes now, Segwik gives business owners the ability - and ability -  to overcome this difficult situation and succeed well into the future.”

As the economy continues to grow, businesses and entrepreneurs are in a unique position to consciously change and redirect their plans for success. Segwik’s launch will connect years worth of successful industry experience with its participants. Romano’s goal is to create CRM-proficient clients that can corner any market. Segwik’s promise of effortless scalability couldn’t come at a better time. 

Segwik’s software allows businesses to directly target and engage their clients. The effect? Small changes that have big results. “Segwik has always been about giving everyone the opportunity to thrive. It’s time to stop thinking about how to survive during COVID but how you will thrive in the surging economy.”


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