Internet Marketing Expert, Dennis Consorte, Announced as a Featured Speaker in The Segwik Launch

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Internet Marketing Expert, Dennis Consorte, Announced as a Featured Speaker in The Segwik Launch

Consorte’s presentation on developing marketing funnels for increased engagement and profits is designed to give Segwik launch attendees a sneak-peek into his proven processes. Dennis' invaluable experience in digital marketing strategies for companies big and small will have everyone in attendence thinking of their own customer journeys and how to expand and grow them for maximum efficacy.

Consorte’s goal is simple: give attendees an insight to one of his top go-to strategies: marketing funnels. By directly targeting customers through the entire journey you create knowledgeable, eager, and brand-loyal customers in fast order.  He will educate attendees on how simple it can be to develop a path directly to a sale, from anywhere in the internet, and from any aspect of your potential customerbase.

Segwik’s launch will combine expert advice, client testimonials, and live software demonstrations, promising to educate, empower, and inspire attendees. Pete Romano, Segwik's Founder and Chief Solutions Architect's,  goal has always been to give clients an edge over the competition, stating, "I truly believe in giving clients all of the tools they need to be successful. A full toolbox creates knowledgeable clients and knowledgeable clients are successful clients.”

As a leading marketing consultant, Consorte has developed custom strategies with realistic expectations for top clients during the last 20 years. He has been featured in, FeedFront Magazine, and most recently, in Entrepreneur Magazine, having been quoted in numerous more publications. His ability to create unique data-driven marketing strategies are what set Consorte above the rest - and keep his clients in the black -even during a pandemic. 

If you ask Consorte his advice on the best way to keep ahead of the competition - and the upswing of the economy - he’d say: lead nurturing. Through the employment of funnel tactics, clients are exposed to the exact right messages for where they are in the buying process. "Ultimately, as Romano has said, the goal is to create trust in your brand. By guiding leads through a direct and targeted funnel they have only one place to go - through your sales pipeline.”

As the economy recovers and business owners are thrust into a rapidly evolving post-COVID world, entrepreneurs need to be ready to handle whatever is in store. Says Romano, "By creating specifically-tailored funnels and shepherding clients through them in a specific manner, you have a recipe for success. Funnels are directly responsible for converting a web visitor to a lead to a client."

One of Segwik’s many features is the ability to customize and automate emails, allowing users to create detailed nurturing funnels, a small investment in your marketing strategy now will have a big pay off in conversion rates and profits in the future. Romano added, "The sooner a business owner has these tools in place, the faster they’ll jump ahead of the curve. At this point, it’s not when will the economy recover but how to be ahead of the game when the recovery is fully in place.”    

What will Segwik attendees gain from Dennis Consorte’s message? "I love helping small businesses and entrepreneurs to realize their visions. These companies give people hope in that anybody can make it in America, and that's what we really need right now. The lockdowns have destroyed so many small businesses and I do my part to reverse this trend. My hope is that the audience will gain insights from this presentation that will bring them immediate value and a renewed perspective on customer success."

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