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Mobile Marketing

How to Do More With Mobile Marketing

Successful mobile marketers create well thought-out digital strategies that directly target leads and customers. 

They use mobile technology to expand their brand across various channels with a focus on location, pain points, and more, in order to create highly targeted and specialized content. 

Is it worth learning what goes into marketing mobile ads, creating mobile friendly sites, or apps? The truth is - you can do more with mobile marketing. 

What is Mobile Marketing Anyway?

Mobile marketing can encompass a variety of things. It can refer to a marketing strategy designed to capture leads on their phone as they browse websites, their email, social media, or any other app. Think of those promotional ads you get when scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or in your inbox. 

It can also refer to a targeted marketing campaign that is sent to clients via SMS or email. 

Push notifications, QR codes and any in-app ads are all a part of the larger mobile marketing umbrella. 

Anything that keeps your brand at the forefront of a lead or client’s thoughts as they are on their phone is mobile marketing.


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Successful Mobile Marketers use all the mobile channels available to them to get their message across to potential customers. They target their client base right at the source - their phones. With over 80% of our time on our phones and on apps, the reason is obvious, mobile marketing works. How can you make it work for you?

Create targeted content that’s:

  • Engaging

  • Creative

  • Personalized

  • Strategic 

A High Value Brand = Demand and Growth

Targeted marketing for mobile devices lets you connect with customers any time, day or night. Well planned mobile marketing campaigns can bring your company to the forefront of your customers. By building brand recognition, you build your brand value. The first step in creating in demand products and services. Targeted marketing for mobile devices lets you connect with customers any time, day or night. 

Great Mobile Marketing Examples:

  • Mobile friendly websites and landing pages 

  • Mobile friendly check out

  • Mobile friendly messaging

  • Mobile friendly apps

  • Mobile friendly marketing technology (MarTech)

Mobile Marketing Done Right

When your mobile marketing is on point, you can expect your brand to be at the forefront of your customers’, and potential customers’, mind, increasing your reach. You can directly target and communicate with your audience. By integrating your brand and messaging into mobile blasts, you boost sales, engage clients, and create brand awareness. 

Great Examples of Mobile Marketing Done Right:

  • Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards campaign

  • Ford’s Send Us a Text campaign

  • Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay app

  • IKEA’s IKEA Place app


Mobile Marketing Done Wrong

It’s easy to make mistakes, or forget to consider all the factors when creating mobile campaigns. A variety of reasons could damage your mobile marketing campaigns: in accessible QR codes, websites that aren’t mobile friendly, or cluttered, clunky, illegible ads. 

If these campaigns backfire, they could cause frustrated customers and harm to your brand or business. 


Do More With Your Brand

It will take effort, time, and management to create the mobile marketing campaigns you want associated with your brand. The most important things to keep in mind are ensuring your website, landing pages, and content will be mobile friendly and having a system in place to analyze traffic. 

Your target audience and current clients are already using a mobile device. The key now is to implement a marketing strategy. 

Where To Start?

It can feel daunting finding a place to start, especially if you’re new to mobile marketing. 

A great place to begin is revisiting your customer journey map. This is the perfect time to create a mobile exclusive map or update your current map to include your mobile marketing plans. 

Rethink your text and email blasts to use your content, and audience list, to their fullest potential. This is also a great time to try out a few of the creative ideas you’ve had. Remember, no one knows your business, product, and customers like you do. Let your expertise shine. 

By setting your mobile marketing goals with intent and purpose, and you could soon join the mobile marketing success stories. 

Happy Segworking!



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