Networking Post Covid

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Networking Post Covid

Networking Post Covid 

Networking is a proven platform for making connections, creating opportunities, and transforming your business. As the pandemic continues and restrictions lessen, how do we navigate the evolving networking experience?

Embrace Meeting Online

This is the perfect time to branch out of your comfort zone and usual network. Expand to groups you normally wouldn’t. It’s a time to listen and learn and grow outside of your box. We are no longer limited to face-to-face interactions with other professionals in your area. Find and attend conferences, meetings, lectures, and groups that allow you to interact with others in your field. 

Be Authentic

When networking, consider your small talk. COVID-19 has been tough on everyone and harder on others. It’s ok to express genuine kindness and sincerity. Do your research and prepare before attending meet-ups. Allow your conversations to flow naturally as you build relationships. Don’t feel pressured to meet quotas, sell something, or get out of your pajama bottoms. It’s the little things that count and can jump start a memorable networking event. 

Continue to Build Relationships

Since networking is no longer limited to in person interactions, branch out. Reach out to potential mentors and mentees from a variety of places. Reach out to other professionals if their website, TikTok, or podcast catches your eye. Set and stick to relationship goals. Touch base with existing contacts, reconnect with old clients and colleagues, make new connections. The combinations are endless. 

Be Clear About Your Value

You don’t have to humble brag. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you deserve to show it off. Be clear about what you bring to the table and how you can help and work with others. The pandemic has taught us we are all stronger together. Don’t be afraid to offer your expert advice and help others in your network. Be clear about what you need and accept help and professional critiques. 

Be Patient With Yourself

COVID-19 has affected the way the entire world does business. It’s completely ok to take time for yourself. Build, grow, and continue relationships at your own pace. Now is the perfect time to consider other aspects of your business! Have you picked up baking? Show it off and grow your social media presence! Picked up a new hobby? Add it to your LinkedIn profile! Social media platforms are the perfect way to continue to interact with clients, colleagues, and others. 


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