Meet Majestic Awning

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Meet Majestic Awning

Meet Majestic Awning

Majestic Awning provides commercial and residential awnings across the NJ/NY metropolitan area.

Co-founded by Nino Pasqua and Michael Toole, in 1993, Majestic began with the humble idea that everyone deserves well made, durable shaded products year round.

With a variety of awnings to choose from, Majestic prides itself on its different solutions for different needs and knowledgeable customers. 

A Good Foundation

Majestic Awning’s reputation for impeccable customer service, sales, and installation resulted from years of working as a trusted team.

Behind the scenes, there was room for improvement. Like so many other companies, Majestic suffered from a variety of issues. There were difficulties in following up with leads, keeping consistent branding, and messaging. 

The straightforward solution was to integrate a CRM software.  

Majestic Awning and Segwik

The decision to integrate CRM software and training into Majestic’s day-to-day was easy. As Pasqua and Toole rethought their business strategy, the unthinkable happened.

Covid-19 reached reached New Jersey and her borders. Like every other business in the tri-state area, Majestic had to decide what to do next. Pasqua and Toole shuttered their doors under CDC recommended lockdown ordinances.

While ensuring that their families and staff were safe, Nino Pasqua and Michael Toole used the downtime to their advantage. 

By using Segwik’s customizable CRM technology and a bit of creativity, Majestic went from generating $1.5 million in revenue to $3 million in one year. 

Automation and Implementing a Funnel System

One of Majestic’s caveats was to create informed clients. 

By incorporating funnels into individual marketing campaigns, Majestic could:

  • Inform clients about what retractable awnings and pergolas are

  • The options available for each

  • How to choose the best option to match their clients’ individual needs

  • Why they should choose Majestic over the competition

Majestic created a clientele that was knowledgeable in both their products and their company.  

Segwik’s CRM software allowed the Majestic team to automate a series of funnel campaigns. Wherein, they would shepherd a targeted prospective awning or pergola lead through a Bottom, Middle, or Top of Funnel marketing campaign.

The Majestic team monitored the funnels through each prompt and step to test lead interaction.

This customized and unique funnel system allowed Majestic Awning to contact and nurture their clients through the start of the pandemic and well into the future. 


Phones and Scheduling

Communication was Majestic’s top priority. In the past, the Majestic team struggled with following up with leads and messaging. Communication was a big part of Majestic’s decision to shop for a CRM. 

With Segwik in place, Majestic now had a real time communication log. They could see when customers contacted the company and through which touch point, along with all follow-ups.

The Segwik team put in a dedicated phone line for Majestic. All inbound calls are answered and directed to the correct Majestic contact. Segwik also manages outbound calls on behalf of Majestic staff, in order to ease follow-ups. 

Majestic also set Segwik in place to schedule their appointments, installations, and more. The CRM allowed Majestic to keep on top of their previous paint points and engage purposefully with clients on follow-ups and messaging - all with consistent branding.


Client Nurturing

Majestic’s funnel system allowed Nino Pasqua to introduce leads to the pain points of previous customers and how Majestic Awning solved them. 

Pasqua’s emails discussed what worked and what didn’t for a variety of clients and their different needs. With products ranging from awnings to high-end pergolas, Pasqua detailed something for every need and budget. 

Pasqua also went further in detailing how the pandemic affected his own friends and family.

He reflected on the challenges many New Jersey families faced. 

And how expanding, even the smallest of outdoor spaces, into a shaded living space, would benefit any family. 

The Future of Majestic Awning

Nino Pasqua’s personalized emails and funnels not only educated leads and prospective clients on shading products, common client problems, but also on Majestic Awning itself.

By focusing on their ideals of products available to everyone at every budget and informed clients, Majestic created a niche for itself. 

They created a chance to build brand recognition and trust in clients outside of Majestic’s local sphere of influence.

Majestic could not only target and reach out to clients who would have never heard of Majestic otherwise, but to create repeat clients and brand loyalty. 

An increase in demand led to Majestic releasing a series of Covid - safe emails that let clients know to expect during an installation.

Clear communication before the installation date ensured both clients and staff felt safe and comfortable during the early stages of Covid-19. 

Currently, Majestic Awning’s installation waitlist is a year out. The Majestic team is working hard to get ordered product out to the waiting clientele. With an expanding team and work crew, it’s likely they will meet projected installation dates ahead of schedule.

Their record numbers wouldn’t be possible without a well thought out funnel system and Segwik.  

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