Step Inside Segwik: An Employee’s Perspective

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Step Inside Segwik: An Employee’s Perspective

Step Inside Segwik: An Employee’s Perspective

January 9, 2023

We’ve all been there. 

Manually tracking customers as they go through the sales pipeline. 

Manually storing and analyzing customer data. 

And manually responding to customer inquiries.

Let’s face it. It’s a time-consuming, tedious process. 

But by importing client data and setting dedicated customer journeys, I can manage clients as they’re shepherded down our sales pipeline, analyze data, and respond to inquiries in our communication suite. 

As an employee, and daily user, I’m thankful for Segwik. It has saved me countless hours. And allows me more time to dedicate to other aspects of my job.

With Segwik, I can handle everyday tasks quickly and easily.

Segwik allows me to work collaboratively with my colleagues, in real time, on a variety of tasks. I can share customer data with my colleagues, and they can add their own insights. 

I can also keep track of which employees add notes as we work together to create the best customer experience possible.

The Segwik software is a great addition to our daily workflow. It has saved me time on repetitive tasks. Allowed me to collaborate with my colleagues. And allowed me access to customer data from any device, so I can help clients from my desk or on the road, day or night. 

I recommend Segwik for small business owners looking for a customer relationship and journey management software. 

This will set up entrepreneurs to be efficient, focused, and successful. 

Happy Segworking!


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